We need to talk about your closet. Are you still holding on to that dress from junior high because you liked the rhinestones? And how many skorts can a person own? Or maybe it's just been feeling like every outfit you put together seems a little mid? Sometimes, no matter how much you love your clothes, your closet just needs a little refresh. Whether it's a new dress, a new top, or a whole new wardrobe, Betsey is here to help.

From the flirty and fun to the stylish and ballroom-ready, our dresses are the perfect choice for every fashionista. We love dresses because they make it so easy to make the perfect outfit. You can simply grab a dress and shoes and go, or you can add fun accessories to really make it pop. One suggestion: if you're used to solid color dresses, we recommend always having at least one patterned dress on rotation. Pair a fun pattern with chunky jewelry and bright colored shoes to up the whimsy, or pair it with a solid color cardigan for a professionally delightful outfit.

For those who love jeans or work in the office, tops can be one of the best ways to have fun when building an outfit. Add a splash of color or a bang of personality with the perfect top. We suggest pairing a top in your favorite color with a matching purse for an ensemble that screams coordinated and cool. We've always got new fashion creations ready to light up your closet in our new arrivals or old favorites in our best sellers best sellers.