When you think of kitsch, you probably think of something unique or fun. The Betsey Johnson take on kitsch is about being iconoclastic, stylish, and essential. It’s about accessories that turn an outfit into a statement. 

If food is your passion, show it off! Our novelty purses are made to highlight everything you love, from breakfast staples and sweet treats to everyone’s favorite slice. Are you the type who plans an entire day around finding a great cup of coffee? We see you!

Feeling bubbly? Tell the world about it, whether you’re spilling the tea or raising a glass to celebrate.

When you’re feeling retro, let your handbag show off your nostalgic side. Yearning for the golden age of television and the freshest jams on the boombox has never looked cuter. Wishing your new phone was more like an old-school phone? No problem—our signature phone bags sync with your cell so you can have all the satisfaction of a dramatic hang-up.

Decorating for every new season and holiday doesn’t have to end with your home. Whether your vibe is spooky, sweet, or somewhere in between, there’s a novelty handbag made to reflect your favorite times of the year.

Whatever your style, show your passions with our Kitsch line!