Shoes, shopping, and sales. The three most magical S's. When combined, they are almost too powerful. Yet, we decided that we couldn't keep them from you anymore. Welcome to our Sale and Clearance Shoes page, AKA paradise.

At Betsey Johnson, we know that what's on our feet is as important as what we wear everywhere else. Our line of iconic, kitschy, and classically fashionable shoes offer a range of styles so you can find the perfect piece to accompany all of your favorite outfits.

On sale, you can find everything from heels to booties to sneakers and everything in-between. Try out a pair of sparkling shoes to make every run to the grocery store feel like a walk down the runway. You can even find some of our best-sellers on sale or clearance, so you can grab a pair of shoes that's Betsey Fans approved.

Sale and clearance is perfect for trying out new styles and finding something new to love. We love pairing one of our iconic booties with jeans and a t-shirt for a look that says casual yet classy. Or pair some classic high heels with a sundress for a summer look that dazzles. Whatever your style, whatever your shoe size, we're sure you'll find something that makes you go "OMG I wish this were on sale!" And boom, guess what? It's on sale.