Checkerboard blankets spread on the green grass, the sun’s out but you’ve got a tree for shade? Check. Or maybe BBQs out, with all the sides, and everyone’s gathered around quaint wooden tables? Check. Or pouring cups of tea and eating adorable little, impossibly perfect, sandwiches? Check. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the most glorious season of all: picnic season!

Picnic outfits are a chance to put on your best summer clothes—all the flowy or showy pieces you can think of—and frolic. At Betsey Johnson, we get it and we want this for you. Whether you have the perfect outfit an just need accessories or you have no idea what to wear to a picnic, we can help.

Our handbags always add fun and flair to an outfit, ranging from the kitschy to the flashy to the totally you and unique, choose a handbag that helps add oomph to your clothes. Of course, running through a field of daisies, chomping on some juicy BBQ, or just walking on sun-soaked grass requires footwear that is bold enough to be all you wear (though we don’t recommend that for a picnic). Whatever you wear, be the belle of the, the picnic.