Feeling a little bit blah? Need more pep in your step? Sick of the doldrums of the same thing every day? Well, what’s one thing that always adds flair? Whether putting the final touch on a beautifully wrapped present or an accoutrement to a hairstyle, bows are placed for a reason. At Betsey Johnson, we understand that a bow is more than a ribbon—-it’s an idea. So we bring you our collection of shoes and bags with the perfect accent.

Grab a purse that matches every outfit and include a bow to show a fun spirit of playfulness. We love pairing our bow bags with simple outfits to add just a hint of the unique, or as the cherry on top for any full-fledged ensemble.

But why stop at a bow on your bag? We say grab a pair of bow heels or bow sandals These cute little numbers show that you understand that the whimsy of childhood still has a place in the closets of adulthood. You can click your heels together three times and say that there’s no place like fashion.

Finally, don’t forget a some bow-tiful accessories A bow or ribbon on your bracelet or necklace adds a little something extra when paired with a day-out or day-in outfit.