Whether you need a casual yet professional work shoe, or a stylish yet functional day-to-day shoe, a loafer or a flat are always a supportive best friend. They support you when you need it, they never steal the show (from the rest of your outfit), and they’ll stay with you through thick and thin (no matter how worn they get). At Betsy Johnson, we know that selecting your next pair of loafers or flats means selecting a long-time companion and we have you covered.

Whether you’re looking for solid colors or multi-colors, shiny or flat, we have the perfect choice for you. Our loafers & flat collection covers a wide variety of perfectly comfortable and wonderfully stylish footwear. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in form and function, without any of the stress, with a slip-on loafer or a women's flat that won’t cause you pain after hours on your feet leading a meeting, you don’t have to sacrifice a great look for everything else that you want.

Plus, maybe you want a pair that brings the bling. Our bridal flats and boldly fashion-forward pairs are also waiting for you. The Aron in Ivory features a cute dual buckle, low rise, and enough rhinestones to elevate you to the stars.