Stiletto heels bring a sexy and sharp appeal to any outfit, while flats are comfortable and can still be chic. Sneakers provide a sporty edge, while pumps add the perfect amount of height. One shoe, however, that remains a staple is the classic wedge heel. With the height and fashion of a heel, but the added stability and comfort of a more low-rise or flat shoe, the wedge has it all.

If you’re looking for the perfect wedge heel, look no further than our stunning collection. With so many to choose from, it’ll be hard to pick a favorite. From funky colors to unique styles and designs, we really do have a wedge heel for every occasion and outfit.

We have more classic looks, such as a sandal like wedge heel with minimal straps all the way to wedges that look fit for an evening gala. Pair straw wedge styles with sundresses or flowing, brightly colored skirts for a summer boho look or stun with an optical illusion like invisible wedge to leave everyone guessing what your balancing secret is. Perfect for weddings, girls’ night outs, dinner dates, shopping, and everything in-between, the wedge is your new best friend.