If you enjoy gifting a loved one a show-stopping present on their birthday, look no further than Betsey’s birthday collection. If you want to take it a step further into astrology, our collection has the perfect array of colors that create a tailored zodiac birthday gift.

Selecting the perfect zodiac birthday gift can be difficult, but an excellent starting point is matching your loved one’s zodiac sign with the appropriate color. For the Aries in your life, opt for a fiery red rhinestone-embellished bootie. Your Taurus loved one will enjoy a handbag with calming earthy green accents, while any Gemini will feel flirty with vibrant yellow hues. Cancer reaches for a silver-embellished clutch, while Leo sparkles in a gold sequin dress.

Virgo is at peace with a brown sequin handbag, while Libra charms the room in any shade of pink or blue. Scorpio piques interest in a classic black bedazzled skull handbag, whereas Sagittarius ventures into the world in a purple sequin mini dress. Don’t let Capricorn’s affinity for gray colors fool you, as they can rock a crystal-embellished loafer anywhere they go. Aquarius prefers a striking deep blue palette, which can be found in our plaid collection. As for Pisces, a light green rhinestone bootie will keep them inspired.