Whether it’s a delicate and simple silver chain or a stunning jeweled display, a beautiful necklace can often move a look from an everyday outfit into something extraordinary. At Betsey Johnson, we believe that a necklace should be as beautiful to look at as it is unique. Whatever your style is, we surely have the perfect piece that best showcases your personality.

Whether you are looking for a cute necklace for a date night or a unique necklace that will stand out in any outfit, our extensive jewelry collection offers an array of perfect choices.

Our collection features an assortment of styles to fit the day and the mood. We have holiday-themed choices perfect to put you into the spirit of the season — from snowmen to ghouls. We have pieces adorned with black or red bows for a feminine touch. Our candy-inspired pieces will make you look as sweet as candy. And, of course, our signature kitsch looks bring a unique flair of their own. Our necklaces were designed to let you embrace every side of yourself.

Many of our necklaces also have matching earrings to help you round out your accessories for a cohesive look. Mix and match to create a more festive look, and don’t forget to add a matching ring as well!