Watches have remained a classic, elegant, and tasteful staple piece in many people’s jewelry boxes or vanity for years. This timeless accessory evolved from a pocket design during the Renaissance period to a wearable and more readily visible wrist design during the Roaring ‘20s. While the design of watches changed over the centuries, the need to know the time of day became more important as more people entered the workforce.

Although watches are an effective tool for time-keeping, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Betsey’s watch collection includes several styles to choose from that best fit your personality. To add a pop of color to your work outfit, opt for a link-style with a rainbow of iridescent colors and bedazzled with rhinestones. Women’s watches can often be monochromatic, so why not play it up with fun watches instead?

For an even more brilliant splash of color, our collection of women’s designer watches includes an ombre-style exterior with animal prints to make you stand out from the crowd. With two-tone metallic alloy cases and silicone straps, our women’s watches sit comfortably on your wrist so you can confidently tackle the day.